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When it comes to a problem with your roof, the sooner it is fixed, the better. However, in order to ensure your roof is fixed in a timely manner, it is important for you to know the signs and symptoms of a roof that needs service. At Handyman Roofing, we want our customers to have the information and resources they need to know when they should call us, and whether they need a repair, maintenance, or replacement. We offer inspections and free written estimates to help you fully understand any problems in your roof and how they should be resolved to prevent more costly issues in the future! Located in Clearwater, FL, we provide services for homeowners throughout the Tampa Bay area.


Can I clean my shingle roof by myself?
Shingles are fragile, which is why it is best to call a professional when it comes time to clean a shingle roof. Shingles are prone to cracking when you walk on them, and can break, come loose, or weaken during power cleaning. Not only could this void your warranty, but it could put in you danger as well.

Due to Florida’s heavy rain and humidity, most shingle roofs have anti-fungal and algae-resistant properties. These types of shingles usually have a warranty, and should therefore go through a warranty inspection. Our team can provide these inspections and make sure your shingle roof is cleaned carefully and thoroughly.

Can I clean my tile roof by myself?
It is important to regularly clean your tile roof to help extend its lifespan and its aesthetic beauty. However, tile roofs should be cleaned with a low-pressure washing, as high-pressure systems can damage the tiles and void your warranty. That’s why we recommend you hire a professional to clean your tile roof with a low-pressure chemical cleaning. Our team is highly experienced cleaning tile roofs and can get the job done properly and safely.
How soon can you work on my roof?
We will always be at your home as soon as we can. During the rainy months we often get backed up, but if we do, we will come to your home and install a temporary patch as a short-term solution to the leak. Then we will come back and perform the work to solve the problem. We understand that a leak needs to be fixed right away to prevent further damage, so we will get the job done in a timely manner.
Do you use subcontractors?
No! Our estimators, roofers, and supervisors are all employed by Handyman Roofing. By using our own team, not subcontractors, we are able to ensure that our work always meets our high standards and that our values are carried out on every job. Handyman Roofing is state-licensed, fully insured and up-to-date on all state and local building codes and regulations.
Do you offer financing options?
Yes! We offer several third-party financing options. You could qualify for up to $45,000 in financing! All you have to do is call and apply. Or, you could opt for a home equity line of credit. For more information, give us a call at 727-577-2468. We will work with you to make sure our services within your budget.
Do you tarp roofs?
We perform temporary tarp installations when needed.
Do you provide temporary/emergency roof repair?
If you have a roofing emergency and we are unable to perform the necessary work right away, we will do a temporary fix to stop the leak. We will return in a timely manner to do the work needed to resolve the problem.
Can’t you just put tar on the leaking area?
This is NOT the way to fix a leak! We perform professional services to resolve the source of the leak. Putting tar over the leak could actually make the problem worse.
Can you repair the damage my roof has caused inside my home?
Yes, our team can fix water damage in your ceiling and inside walls due to roof leaks.
Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
No, we need to inspect your roof in order to give you an accurate estimate. However, all of our estimates are free of charge!
Do you need a permit to complete my job?
Although most Tampa Bay areas require building permits to perform roof work, there are a few municipalities that don’t require one for minor repairs. However, we fully understand the state and local building codes throughout Florida, and we will obtain any permit necessary to complete your job.
Do I need to be home for you to complete the estimate?
Yes, you will need to be home as we may need to inspect your attic and we will need you to show us where the leak is.
What should I do if I see a depression in my roof?
If your roof is sagging, you should contact us immediately, because you most likely have rotted wood in your roof that can cause health and safety hazards. We can inspect the problem, provide a free estimate, and perform the necessary services to resolve the sagging.
What causes rotted fascia or soffit?
Rotted fascia or soffit is rotting on the underside of the overhang, which is usually caused by leakages around the outside of your roof. If you notice your fascia or soffit is rotting, you should call us immediately for an inspection before further damage occurs.
What should I do if my shingles are sticking up?
If your roof is newer, a shingle that is sticking up needs to be resealed to prevent leaks. However, if your roof is older, a shingle sticking up could mean that it is dried out. Either way, you should give us a call to investigate and fix the problem.


With just a 90-minute phone call, you may qualify for up to $45,000 in financing! We work with several third-party financing companies to ensure you are able to afford the services you need for a dependable, durable roof. Simply fill out a credit application and apply via phone–keep in mind that interest rates may vary, and you will receive a quote when you apply.

Or, you could also choose to use a home equity line of credit, for which your interest charges might be tax deductible. Your accountant can help you answer your questions regarding this.

Call us at 727-577-2468 for a free estimate and for more information regarding our financing options!

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